portfolio app

mobiFolio is a portfolio app for business promotion.

It is built to regroup on a tablet all the company documents a sales representative could need when visiting clients. The app is highly customizable, so it can adapt to business identities.
mobiFolio is a cross-platform, made in HTML5, and packaged as a native application with Prizzly

I worked on the Ux and UI of this project. I also integrated the web version of the theme.

I worked on this project for mobiApps

Used tools :
Adobe Photoshop

Different themes can be applied to the app, to fit the company's visual identity. The following theme has been made so that the entire visual identity is only created through pictures. The overall atmosphere depends on the opened folder, and on the type of documents it contains.

The particularity of this theme is that, as there is no other colored element on the interface than the pictures, the company doesn't have to go through a interface color customisation process, which could end up with a mitigated result if the administrator has no special graphic skills. The counterpart is that good quality pictures are required.