Data visualisation

NDDL Data is a data visualisation project dealing with the subject of the future airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes in France. We created this cartography which shows all the different actors in favor of the project, those against it, and the links between them. As it is a very polemical subject in France, it was interesting to analyse the point of view of politicians as well as the global opinion of the population.

I worked on this project with Simon Bertrand, Clara Bove, Emmanuelle Bories, Sophie Arnaudeau and Morgane Sanglier

Used tools :
Adobe Illustrator

The first step was to classify hundreds of articles in relation to the subject, to build a database. Then, we used a map-making software called Gephi to generate the maps. Finally, after a graphic customisation, we printed the result on a large format poster.

We also developed a web interface for more precise consultation.