annotation app

Noton is a picture and document annotation app. It is built in HTML5, and is therefore compatible with every computer or mobile device.

I worked on the Ux and UI of this project. I also did the integration of the edition interface (HTML, Javascript).

I worked on this project for mobiApps

Used tools :
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Home screen

Noton will let you edit many different types of files : Photos, maps, web pages, or pdf documents. Of course, you can also start a new drawing from scratch.


Edition interface

Noton gives you the possibility to draw basic shapes such as rectangles, elipses, arrows, or even smileys. You can also write text, crop, or blur specific parts of the document.

From the beginning, the interface was thought to be modular. Thank to this, the experience is the same on any device the user could want to use.


Application icon