Interactive installation

Overflown is an experiment that gives to the user the power to control wind. This is a mixed reality device that associate a dreamlike world with tangible elements. With hand movements, the player affects the strength and the direction of the wind, allowing him to control the trajectory of a virtual soap bubble. Obstacles stand on its way. The objective is to help it avoid them and to reach the end of its journey without making it pop.

The installation mixes the Kinect device to detect the gesture of the player, a video projector and motorized paper propellers that are linked to an Arduino card. This propellers are a materialization of the wind and are making a more immersive experience.

This project was done in two weeks for the "Demos" competition at Laval Virtual exhibition, where we received the award for the best graphics.

I worked on this project with Simon Bertrand and Vincent Lorant.

Used tools :
Unity 3D
3DS Max

A project for a competition

In early 2014, Vincent Lorant, Simon Bertrand and I decided to participate to Laval Virtual exhibition's contest Virtual Fantasy, in the "Demo" category. The goal is to present a student project, created during the year, in front a jury. But because our registration was a bit late, the deadline was pretty tough. But because challenge doesn't stop us, we chose not to give up.

Then came the time when we needed to find the idea behind our project. After many brainstorming sessions, we wanted to make a real interactive installation : something that would come out of the screen. We were also attracted by the topic of nature, senses et poetry. We wanted to interact with someting intangible, and make it real and easy to manipulate. Fire ? Light ? We finally chose wind.

Overflown displayed at Laval Virtual (April 2014)

The concept

To give to the user the power to control wind, we created a game where his gestures influences the movement of a flying soap bubble. We also used motorized paper propellers in the real world so that the wind that is created isn't confined to the virtual world.

The production

In this part of the project, our best asset was the fact that the three of us are very polyvalent. Creating concepts is a very good thing, but also have some technical skills to create working prototypes. And they were very useful to achieve this project from scratch.

Competitions & awards

We presented the project at the Laval Virtual exhibition's contest Virtual Fantasy, in the "Demo" Category in April 2014, and we won the prize of the Best graphics.

Overflown was then displayed at the Web2day conferences in Nantes in April 2014, and during the Digital Week in September.

Overflown displayed during the Web2day conferences in Nantes (April 2014)

Overflown displayed during the Digital Week in Nantes (September 2014)

In October 2014, we presented Overflown at the IVRC contest (International collegiate Virtual Reality Contest), which was part of the exhibition called Digital Content Expo, in Tokyo. We received the Special Recognition Award for this project.

Overflown displayed during at Digital Content Expo in Tokyo, for IVRC contest (October 2014)